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Sod and Drainage

This is sod and drainage in St. Johns Florida. This backyard has a v shaped swale down the middle making the yard unusable. At the end of yard there is a drainage grate and pipe which is part of the neighborhood drainage plan.  First we slope the yard towards the drainage grate.  Then laying a 6 foot stretch of weed fabric along the deepest part of the swale.  A 6″ perforated pipe goes in the center of 57 stone.  The gutter down spouts connect to the drainpipe.  The weed fabric was then wrapped and secured to prevent dirt from entering the drainage system.  Using 3 truck loads of dirt to level and grade the backyard.  Last, installing 6 pallets of St Augustine grass.  The irrigation was adjusted to make sure all of the new sod is properly being watered. 

For sod and drainage work in St Augustine and Jacksonville Florida.  Please feel free to contact us and schedule a free estimate. We can also install privacy hedges, clean up and plant removal, trimming, resodding, new sod installation, yard leveling and grading. 

Sod Installation St Augustine Fl

There is are several steps to put your yard back together after a pool installation.

First, we reroute the capped irrigation zones to accommodate new sod and landscaping beds. We then grade the lot and remove an extra dirt brought in for pool construction. It is important when grading to repair and follow the lot grading installed by the builder. This allows for proper run off water drainage between houses. For lots which hold water gravity drains installed on gutter down spouts is also an option.

Then we decide on the type of sod to install. Soil conditions and lighting play an important role in deciding which type of grass to install. On this particular sod installation St Augustine Fl the client has St Augustine grass so we installed the same grass to match. We installed 6 pallets of sand based St Augustine grass.

We installed a small landscape design. The client wanted two pygmy date palms installed on the corners of the pool. We also installed some agapanthus, blue daze and variegated ginger with mini pine nuggets for mulch.

Rowanoak Outdoor is a landscape company in Jacksonville Fl and St Augustine Fl. Our services includes sod installation St Augustine Fl, landscape design and installation, landscape lighting, pavers, retaining wall, firepits, irrigation and drainage. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

sod St Augustine FL
Sod installation St Augutsine Fl
Sod Installation st Augustine Fl

Sod St Augustine Florida Pool Redo

sod st augustine
Sod St. Augustine Florida

Sod St Augustine Florida is a part of most HOA requirements in most area neighborhoods. Deciding to install a swimming pool St Augustine Florida as part of your outdoor landscape design is awesome. Unfortunately, the heavy machinery used to install the swimming pool usually destroys the sod going up the side of your house. It is usually also necessary to reinstall and reconfigure your existing irrigation system. Once the paver pool deck and hardscape is complete we install the irrigation. We placed irrigation heads around the perimeter of the pool to insure proper irrigation for the new sod.

The side yard between houses must maintain a swale to accommodate proper water drainage. We remove extra dirt and regrade the lot before install the sod St Augustine Florida. There were 4 pallets of st augustine grass installed and over a yard of dirt removed.  There was extensive grading done on the side of the house to restore the steep swale between houses and allow proper water drainage. 

Sod In Atlantic Beach Florida

Sod In Atlantic Beach Florida

This client wanted some sod in Atlantic Beach Florida but originally hired us to install some landscaping and build a small retaining wall. We removed the remains of an old wooden deck built around the oak tree in the back yard. We also removed jasmine and other random landscape plants. The new landscape design included tropical plants with colorful foliage. We also installed a variety of perennial flowering plants and a bottle brush.

On the opposite side of the house we constructed a natural stone path walk way. We then mulched the small area between the house and the neighbors property. Along the back of the property we built a small retaining wall made of railroad ties to hold the backyard in place. As the project progressed the client decided to also sod the yard.

The sod in Atlantic Beach Florida was St Augustine grass. We installed three pallets of St Augustine grass after removing the existing weeds. The final project turned out better than the homeowner expected. They soon after placed their home on the market and received multiple higher than asking offers. Landscaping, sodding and curb appeal can make such a difference when choosing to sell your home.

St Augustine Sod Installation

St Augustine Sod Installation

Preparation work was done before we completed the st augustine sod installation. A railroad tie retaining wall held the foundation of this home inside the property line. As you can see from the photograph, after 7 years the wood began to rot and the wall was failing. There were several options for repairing the problem. The customer and I discussed replacing the railroad tie wall with a brick retaining wall. Because of the cost, an alternative solution was to build out the berm. The HOA gave the homeowner permission to extend the berm past the property line.

We first removed the railroad tie retaining wall. We then brought in 3 truck loads of fill dirt and extended the berm an additional 7 feet. To prevent berm erosion the gutter downspouts connected to a gravity drain allowing the water to run to the neighborhood drainage ditch. Additional irrigation heads installed to complete water coverage for the new St Augustine sod installation.

Sod Installation Atlantic Beach

Sod Installation Atlantic Beach

The dog park at Atlantic Beach has been plagued by erosion for years. The grass being improperly maintain causes the sides of the pond to erode and wash into the water. On this particular lawn grass installation we added over 40 yards of dirt to rebuild the sides of the retention pond. We then installed over 30 pallets of Bahia Sod. Regular sod installation is necessary to maintain the sides of the retention pond from washing away.

Bahia sod is a great choice for high traffic areas. Bahia grass is a low maintenance grass requiring less water and fertilizer than other types of warm season grasses. Cut Bahia grass after is creates the y-shaped seed pods to create a thicker lawn. Bahia grass is also nontoxic for pets making it a pet friendly grass installation choice.

Some areas are too steep to maintain a slope to prevent erosion. Retention walls and proper drainage would prevent some areas from regular maintenance and enhance the over all aesthetics of the dog park.

Jacksonville Sod Prices

Jacksonville Sod Prices

Jacksonville sod prices are determined by several factors: the species of sod, the number of pallets and is it being delivered or installed.  Most Jacksonville sod companies including Jacksonville Sod Service, will schedule an appointment with you to diagnose your diseased or damaged grass, take a proper square foot measurement, and discuss with you the best sod grass species to fit your needs.

The species of sod grass is one factor in determining the cost per pallet whether it is delivered or installed. Jacksonville sod prices from the least expensive to the most expensive are Bahia grass, St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass.  You can also expect to pay a little more for the more shade tolerant cultivars or cultivars which are considered better overall quality of each species.

Jacksonville Sod Service, as well as most sod installation companies, price sod per pallet is also based on the number of pallets being installed at one time.  Loading trailers, equipment and travel are all fixed costs so the fewer the pallets usually the more expensive per pallet.  Our Jacksonville sod prices are based on a graduated scale and depending on the square footage of your sod replacement, and the square footage per pallet of your selected sod grass species will be a factor in your sod prices.

Location, location, location.  If the area of sod grass being replaced is in a back yard or fenced in and the gate opening diameter is less than 10 feet wide, the price per pallet will be a little more.  Because we use a forklift to spot sod for easy access it takes less man hours to install.  If the sod grass has to be wheelbarrowed to the location of installation, this takes considerably longer to install and will be reflected in the price per pallet.

Most of the time there will be old dead or damaged sod grass and weeds which needs to be removed to the bare dirt before new sod grass can be laid.  In the event that we are installing sod on dirt from a graded lot, pool install, or new construction the price per pallet will be less than if it includes clean up as well.  If inquiring about a quote by phone or email be sure to indicate all of the necessary information for fair and competitive Jacksonville sod prices.