Turf Grass Diseases

Turf grass is not only susceptible to insects but also diseases. There are many environmental factors which can contribute to the onset and spread diseases. These disease will attack and destroy all species of turf grass. Correctly identifying the cause of dead or dying sod can help in selecting the best method of treatment.

It is important to maintain the right balance of water, fertilization and the correct length of mowing.  All of these factors are dependent upon your species and cultivar of sod.  Proper maintenance is the best way to care for your grass because it will keep the onset and spread of disease to a minimum.

Diagnosis, removal and disposal of damaged grass is important in protecting what remains of your lawn.  Hire a Jacksonville sod company who specializes is sod because they will have the expertise in proper removal procedures.  The removal process is also important in determining the success of your new grass installation.

Care of your new grass after being replaced by a sod installation company . This is why it is important to implement a maintenance regiment specific to your type of sod grass as a preventative measure against diseases and insect damage.  You can care for your own lawn but it is recommended to hire a professional spray company who is proactive during the particular seasons of diseases and life cycles of invading sod grass insects.