Cercospora Leaf FungusCersospora leaf spot is a disease is caused by the cercospora fusimaculans fungus. This disease typically attacks st augustine grass between the late spring and summer seasons during periods of frequent rainfall.  Late Fall and early winter when conditions are warmer than usual combined with heavy rainfall can also encourage fungus growth and development.  Areas of shade and low light conditions seem to develop this disease as well.


Cersospora Leaf Fungus on St auguatine grass

Leaf blades infected with cerosopora leaf spot will develop dark brown oblong and irregularly shaped lesions.  The lesions will have dark tan centers and dark brown to purple outlines. Large groups of spots near the ends of leafs will cause the top of the sod to turn yellow and wilted in appearance. This wilting will continue down the leaf blades to the point of attachment at the stolen but will not rot and disconnect like with Large Patch Fungus.


Preventative measures are the best practice when combating cersospora leaf spot.  Allowing the sod grass to dry out between watering, maintaining proper length when cutting, and proper fertilization during the right times of year are essential to having a disease free lawn. This condition can be quickly managed with an application of fertilizer which contains a 1:1 ration of nitrogen and potassium. 1/2 pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of a slow release formula.

Maintaining a healthy lawn on your own can be a challenging task.  Hiring a professional spray company who can apply herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.

An infestation of this fungus may be a reason your sod is turning yellow.  Sod replacement or sod patches may be necessary if this disease is not treated in time for your sod to make a recovery. Jacksonville Sod Service is a Jacksonville sod company servicing the greater Jacksonville area. Jacksonville Sod Service also services sod installations in St. Augustine Fl.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your free Jacksonville sod replacement estimate.