Centipede grass is a warm season turf grass from the west Indies.  It is a relatively low maintenance turf grass requiring 50% less mowing when compared to other turf grass species.  It requires less nitrogen based fertilizers, slower growing and has moderate shade tolerance. Like St Augustine grass Centipede has poor foot traffic tolerance making it a poor choice for high traffic areas and sporting fields.   Although  centipede is said to be cold tolerant sustained temperatures below 5 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the sod grass.  This grass is not as salt tolerant when compared to St Augustine or Bermuda sod grass.  Centipede tolerates acidic soils, is light green in color and will go dormant during drought conditions.  Sustained drought conditions, excessive thatch and over fertilization of nitrogen will incite Centipede Decline. This grass species is also susceptible to ring nematodes, ground pearls and Large Patch Disease.


‘Tifblair’ centipede can be established through sod installation, seeding or sod plugs.   ‘Tifblair’ is more cold tolerant and establishes longer runners when compared to ‘common’ centipede.


‘Common’ centipede is available for sod installation in the Jacksonville and St Augustine area and can also be established by seeding.  It is the most readily available cultivar of centipede for install and is not as cold hardy as ‘tifblair’.


‘Covington’ centipede is a proprietary sod grass established by Sod Solutions it has an emerald green color and is only available for install in Tampa Florida.


‘Santee’ centipede is another proprietary grass established by Sod Solutions an is only available for sod installation in Tampa Florida.


‘Hammock’ centipede is a proprietary grass established by Environmental Turf.  Like other cultivars of centipede grass is low maintenance and requires less fertilizers than other species of sod grass.  It is a darker green than other centipede cultivars and was bred to with stand the south Florida heat.  It is available for sod installation in the Orlando are and is not recommended to be installed north of there.