Insects are a major problem for existing as well as newly established sod grass.  There are several methods used to prevent or alleviate a possible insect infestation.  It is important to determine if the damage is by an insect, disease or maintenance error.


The best method for insects control in sod grass is prevention because it’s less expensive than sod replacement.  Maintaining a healthy lawn by practicing responsible fertilization for your species of grass, proper mowing heights, and proper watering schedule. Proactive treatments against disease using fungicides and insecticides will discourage an infestation and therefore protect your grass from damage.

Sod webworms, chinch bugs, and ground pearls are sod insects which will cause major sod damage and require new sod installation.

Zoysia grass, st auguatine grass, bermuda grass, bahia grass, and centipede grass all have unique characteristics and individual sod problems. It is important to know the species of grass you have to identify possible causes of damage. When sod damage occurs quickly therefore identifying the culprit is key to prevent total loss of lawn.  Jacksonville Sod Service has a list of possible sod damaging insects with pictures of the bugs as well as the damage they cause.

While prevention is the best method to a healthy lawn Jacksonville Sod Service will replace dead grass. We are a Jacksonville sod company specializing in sod installation in Jacksonville and sod installation in St. Augustine Florida. Give us a call for a free sod installation estimate and diagnosis of your lawn.

Remember seeking advice from a professional pest service is the best way to keep your sod grass in the best possible health.