Sod Installation St Augustine Fl

There is are several steps to put your yard back together after a pool installation.

First, we reroute the capped irrigation zones to accommodate new sod and landscaping beds. We then grade the lot and remove an extra dirt brought in for pool construction. It is important when grading to repair and follow the lot grading installed by the builder. This allows for proper run off water drainage between houses. For lots which hold water gravity drains installed on gutter down spouts is also an option.

Then we decide on the type of sod to install. Soil conditions and lighting play an important role in deciding which type of grass to install. On this particular sod installation St Augustine Fl the client has St Augustine grass so we installed the same grass to match. We installed 6 pallets of sand based St Augustine grass.

We installed a small landscape design. The client wanted two pygmy date palms installed on the corners of the pool. We also installed some agapanthus, blue daze and variegated ginger with mini pine nuggets for mulch.

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sod St Augustine FL
Sod installation St Augutsine Fl
Sod Installation st Augustine Fl