Sod St Augustine Florida Pool Redo

sod st augustine
Sod St. Augustine Florida

Sod St Augustine Florida is a part of most HOA requirements in most area neighborhoods. Deciding to install a swimming pool St Augustine Florida as part of your outdoor landscape design is awesome. Unfortunately, the heavy machinery used to install the swimming pool usually destroys the sod going up the side of your house. It is usually also necessary to reinstall and reconfigure your existing irrigation system. Once the paver pool deck and hardscape is complete we install the irrigation. We placed irrigation heads around the perimeter of the pool to insure proper irrigation for the new sod.

The side yard between houses must maintain a swale to accommodate proper water drainage. We remove extra dirt and regrade the lot before install the sod St Augustine Florida. There were 4 pallets of st augustine grass installed and over a yard of dirt removed.  There was extensive grading done on the side of the house to restore the steep swale between houses and allow proper water drainage.