Jacksonville Sod ServiceSod Installation

Take a measurement of the lawn area in which you would like to have sod grass installed.  The type of sod will determine the number of sod pallets you will need to complete the job.  After the number of square feet of sod grass is determined you can prepare the ground for sod installation.

Proper ground preparation is important before you begin to install your new sod turfgrass.  Before you can begin this process it is important to mark all sprinkler heads with flags.  Knowing the location of sprinkler heads when running a sod cutter will save you time and money on irrigation repairs.

Once you have marked your sprinklers it is time to remove all vegetation from the top soil.  The best method is to use a sod cutter. A sod cutter removes the first 3 inches of vegetative material including weeds and any remaining grass.  All vegetation is raked and removed then leveled to create a smooth surface for your new sod lawn.

Water is the most important element in insuring the survival of your new sod installation.  Watering the top soil before and during sod installation is not necessary but increases your chances of success and the new sod grass as it takes root faster than when skipping this step.  You must install your sod grass within 48 hours of delivery but ideally you want to install the sod as soon as it is delivered.  If you have to wait until the next day be sure to store the sod grass pallets in a shaded area to protect the newly cut sod grass from the sun.

All pieces of sod grass should be placed green side up and tightly fitted together edge to edge without overlapping.  All gaps in the sod should be filled with a piece of cut sod grass to prevent the edges of each piece from turning brown.  Finally water in your newly installed sod grass and plan your next lawn party.  After your new sod installation it is crucial to follow a strict watering schedule with proper care instructions.

Replaces sod grass after insect damage or disease is not an easy task.  If you need help or a qualified professional sod installation company please give us a call to set up your free estimate, we will be happy to do the work for you!