Things to consider when installing grass…..

There are several different species of sod available for installation in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas.  It is important you research available species of sod grass to determine which one will suit your yard’s conditions.  Soil, lighting, climate and foot traffic are all important factors to consider when determining which sod grass will be the best application in your lawn.

Watering your sod grass is an important part of your lawns survival.  Although the Jacksonville and St Augustine areas get plenty of rain during the rainy season Winter watering is also important.  Sod lawns need water during drier winter months to stay healthy and will come out of dormancy quicker. An irrigation system is something to consider if you do not currently have one before you call a sod grass installation professional to install your sod.  St. Johns and Duval county will give you a water credit on your bill for newly installed sod.  This is due to the high water demands of newly planted sod.  We will be happy to provide you with this letter to submit to JEA in order to receive this credit.

Although you can apply fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides yourself you may want to consider hiring a professional.  A professional pest service company can implement a regiment of fertilization based on the species of sod grass installed in your lawn.  A good pest service with knowledgeable staff will be able to identify insects or disease damage before it destroys your lawn.  We know even the most thorough of professionals can make an error so be sure you hire a company which will make good if ever a problem should arise.