sand vs muckSod is typically grown in two types of soil.  Sand is a mineral based soil and muck is an organic based soil.  Sand vs muck grown sod has been an on going debate as to which is better for installation in Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

Sand based sod is grown in sod fields all over the state of Florida because Maykka fine sand soil is the dominate soil type of Florida covering more than 1 and a half million acres of land.  Muck sod is grown in low lying fields near lake beds and in Everglade Agricultural Areas (EAA).  As the name suggests it is a thick, black, organic based soil.

The photograph above is a patch of sod which was replaced inside an existing lawn in Jacksonville.  The three strips of sod in the upper left corner were the last pieces of seven pallets of sand based sod Jacksonville Sod Service installed.  The remaining pieces were bought at a local sod distributor and are muck based sod.  The sod was purchased and laid the same day and were all watered by the homeowners sprinkler system.  Three days after installation the homeowner contacted me and sent this picture.  We of course replaced the pieces with new sod and used sand based brought from one of our farms.  The customer later indicated in a follow up call the sod was all taking beautifully.

As nursery owners and plant growers it is our belief sand vs muck based sod is not a debate because plants recover quickly when planted in the same soil they are grown in. Jacksonville and St. Augustine have sand soil making it easier for sand based sod to establish itself.  Sand based sod for installation in North Central Florida is the best option. The photograph above supports what we know to be true in the plant business as well.