Measuring sod and making sure you have the right amount if you plan on installing it yourself or to get a quote over the phone.  One of our Jacksonville or St Augustine sod installation professionals will be happy to assist you in measuring for sod by conducting a free at home estimate.   Please keep in mind sod installation prices vary depending on the type of sod grass you plan on installing, accessibility (if it can be staged or if it has to be wheel burrowed) and if there is existing dead sod grass.

Sod Grass for installation is sold by the pallet which contains a certain number of square feet coverage and depending on the sod grass species you select will determine how many square feet come on the pallet.  The number of square feet per pallet is also determined by your location.  These measurements are for the Jacksonville and St Augustine area sod installations.

Measuring sod is accomplished by breaking your lawn you would like to have sod installed into sections or geometrical shapes where the total areas can then be added together and subtract the areas of planting beds, mulched areas or hardscape that may be inside the area measuring sod.

Its important when measuring sod to keep in mind there is some salvage on all pallets of sod and a measurement too close to the exact amount on a pallet could create a shortage.  Most sod species are not available for purchase on a piece bases.  If this happens you may want to consider making the area for sod installation smaller or larger within 50 square feet of a pallet.  Measuring sod accurately can give you enough information to determine if you want to go through the sod installation yourself or contact us for a free estimate.  No job is too big or too small for your Jacksonville sod installation needs.