Sod and Drainage

This is sod and drainage in St. Johns Florida. This backyard has a v shaped swale down the middle making the yard unusable. At the end of yard there is a drainage grate and pipe which is part of the neighborhood drainage plan.  First we slope the yard towards the drainage grate.  Then laying a 6 foot stretch of weed fabric along the deepest part of the swale.  A 6″ perforated pipe goes in the center of 57 stone.  The gutter down spouts connect to the drainpipe.  The weed fabric was then wrapped and secured to prevent dirt from entering the drainage system.  Using 3 truck loads of dirt to level and grade the backyard.  Last, installing 6 pallets of St Augustine grass.  The irrigation was adjusted to make sure all of the new sod is properly being watered. 

For sod and drainage work in St Augustine and Jacksonville Florida.  Please feel free to contact us and schedule a free estimate. We can also install privacy hedges, clean up and plant removal, trimming, resodding, new sod installation, yard leveling and grading.